Матеріальна та психосоціальна підтримка ВПО у м. Дніпро


Name of the project: Material and psychosocial support for IDPs in the Dnipro Region
Project location: Ukraine
Donor: The project is co-financed by the Official Development Assistance of the Slovak Republic, SlovakAid
Partners: Caritas Slovakia, Caritas Donetsk
The realization date: The 1st of November 2020 – the 31th of October 2021

The project aims to provide humanitarian assistance to 600 families of IDPs (internally displaced persons) by distributing vouchers for medicines, hygiene, food, and offering psychological assistance to strengthen community understanding, peace building, conflict resolution and the use of positive stress management strategies.
During the first month of the project, the local team will visit all locations where the project will be implemented to establish community relations, disseminate project information and select beneficiaries.
During the months 2-11, the project activities will be carried out at 10 locations in the outermost parts of the Dnipropetrovsk region and will include the provision of humanitarian aid to up to 600 IDP families (600 direct + 1200 indirect beneficiaries) by issuing vouchers for food, sanitary needs and medicines and through the psycho-social trainings run by professional psychologist and social worker.
The voucher system was selected on the basis of previous positive experiences with humanitarian projects in the area. Vouchers are preferred over food and hygiene packages and with a medicine kit, as recipients are free to choose what to buy depending on their needs. 
The main target groups are the vulnerable families of internally displaced persons with severely ill family members or low-income families who do not cover basic needs, single mothers and families who take care of children.
During the last 12 months of the project, target group studies will be conducted with the beneficiaries of each IDP community visited to assess the quality of project services and the impact of the project on the beneficiaries, while doing more in-depth monitoring of needs for other projects.