History of organization

Charitable Foundation "Caritas Donetsk" is a non-profit charitable organization that belongs to the Caritas Ukraine network and to the world community of organizations Caritas Internationalis. 
Now this is a confederation of 165 national charitable organizations that’s operates in 200 countries of the world, have a common goal and direction of work. Caritas’ staff around the world provide assistance to more than 25 million people each year. Today there are more than 25 regional branches in 17 regions in Ukraine, more than 1,000 staff member and volunteers are involved.
The word "Caritas" means love and charity.

Charitable Foundation "Caritas Donetsk" was founded in 2003. The director of the organization is the Chancellor of the Donetsk Exarchate of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church Fr. Vasyl Panteleuk. Fund's address: Dnipro, st. Kabardinskaya, 5.

In January 2015, the fund with its staff fled to Dnipro due to tragic events in the East of Ukraine. In 2016, the Unified Center of Social Services  with its unique structure and features, was created on the basis of the fund. The center unites different types of assistance "under one roof".

The Fund carries out wide-scale charitable activities in the following areas: medical and social services for severely-ill people and disabled people, providing humanitarian and financial assistance, soup kitchen, medical, legal, psychologist consulting services, employment assistance (social support, grants, training, etc.), work with children, youth, elderly people, laundry services, social hairdressers.

Charitable Foundation "Caritas Donetsk" is a space of acceptance and support for people of different ages, gender, social status and physical abilities.



Employment counseling

Home care

Caring at home

Soup kitchen

Hot dinners, attention and support.

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