Easter basket


In the period from 26.03.2019 - 30.04.2019 the Caritas Donetsk BF held a traditional charity event "Easter Basket".

The event raised funds and collected food donations to create gift baskets to be given to underprivileged families during the Easter holiday.

Thanks to our regular partners and private bailiffs, we have celebrated the Resurrection of Christ for the most needy people.



114 persons of low socioeconomic standing were served. These people include the homeless, families in difficult life circumstances, people living with disabilities.

Total funds and goods donated add up to the amount of 29 798 UAH Donations broken down include:

- 1000 UAH financial donations;

- goods received in the amount of 28 798 UAH.

Thank you to everyone who joined the event!

Special thanks to our regular charity partners: METRO Cash and Carry Shopping Center, Soft Serve IT Company, Private Charities

Thank you for your support!